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Home Recording Studio

My studio is the leader in noise reduction technology with a double enhanced wall whisper room booth that is capable of the best dB noise reduction in the industry. My sound isolation booth significantly reduces ambient and acoustic noise and can be used as a vocal booth for recording music, and voice-over work.

Other equipment used:

Rode Procaster Microphone, Scarlett Solo Interface, Studio One, audacity.


Interested in your own voice recording studio? Check out the whisper rooms!



AUDIOBOOK Production

I narrate and produce full audiobooks for Audible. Will work through ACX for $75 Per Finished Hour

 Radio Commercials 

Can produce full radio commercials with background music. Services fee varies per project. Contact for a price quote

Video Narration & Tutorial Videos

Voice over for video promotions. Website videos and other ad services. Contact me for more info

Music and vocal services

Can record and mix full songs. Children songs, cover songs for pageant dances, original music. Contact me for more info

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This audiobook is so cute that I can't stop listening until the end. The narration is amazing and magnificent! I insanely feel every characters emotions with Megan Meyer's voice and it blends well with this brilliantly written book of Kayla Tirrell!PERFECTION is an understatement with how great this is!"

Audible Reviewer


The narrator Megan Meyer is very talented and knows how to bring the characters to alive. She does a great job acting out the male characters .Five stars .."

Audible Reviewer


"Megan Meyer did a great job narrating the story and performing the voices of all the characters, giving each their own unique sound and easy to follow the conversation and dialogue. Thank you for the great listen🎧"

Audible Reviewer


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